Weed Delivery Mississauga

Village Greens offers excellent weed delivery in Mississauga at great prices that will be delivered straight to your front door. Everything in our inventory is grown with the utmost care. On our website, all the pictures are current and of the products that you will order. We are continually updating the site so our customers can see exactly what they will be getting.

That includes the selection of edibles. Along with the other products we carry, these are popular among our Mississauga clientele. 

Infused with Cannabis Oil

Check out the frosted peach gummy bears that are infused with cannabis coconut oil that’s of the highest quality. That’s just one of the options you have and you can choose from mailing, preorder or on-demand. These and the other gummy bears that you’ll see on our website are made with organic ingredients.

Marijuana Products in Mississauga

Of course edibles aren’t the only marijuana products in Mississauga that Village Greens offers. The Indica cannabis that we sell is guaranteed to be of the highest quality.  You can earn points for purchasing these products to be redeemed later.

Choose from a variety of different sizes because your convenience is our number one priority.

Placing an order is easy. You can text, call us or complete your order right through our website. Remember, we are open Monday to Sunday from 11 AM until 9 PM. You can order online 24 hours a day from our industry-leading selection of marijuana products in Mississauga.

Cheap Weed Delivery in Mississauga

Getting cheap weed delivery in Mississauga is just one of the advantages you’ll get when you do business with us. Village Greens also offers a variety of different promotions.

That means you can get a special deal on Pink Kush and a first-time customer promotion. Our customers can also get free gummies when they order a certain amount through our all-time promotion.

Cannabis Delivery in Mississauga

Village Greens wants to make sure that everyone involved has an excellent experience when they use our  cannabis delivery in Mississauga service. That’s why we have a policy that looks after the safety of our drivers and customers. We only deliver to the address and person listed on the identification that we have.

Our delivery fees are reasonable. We only charge five dollars on orders between $10 and $40. If you spend over that amount your order qualifies for our free delivery.